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10 Responses to “Help”

  1. Nathan Says:

    The reading for March 22nd should be WLC 36 not WLC 26. I’ve noticed that the PDF also has this problem. There are several problems with reading WLC 26: 1) We already read it on March 2; 2) It makes no sense with the WSC reading of 21 or the previous days reading of WFC chapter 8 articles 1 and 2; 3) According to the schedule as it currently stands we never read WLC 36! Thank you for this service.

  2. RubeRad Says:

    Good point — I guess I just blindly followed the PDF. Thanks for the correction!

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  4. Nathan Says:

    I noticed some additional issues with the schedule starting on the reading for May 17th with the WLC readings for question 78 – instead of 77 – and May 21 with the WSC. The readings after the 17th for at least the catechisms start becoming randomly jumping back and forth throughout the catechisms. This problem doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Confession of Faith, but I haven’t spent a great deal of time looking through the Confession of Faith readings. I hope you can clear the schedule up.

  5. RubeRad Says:

    Hi Nathan,

    I think what’s happening is just that Pipa’s schedule is going through paragraphs of the confession in order, and pairing/interspersing with catechism Q&A as they match. If you look at the broad scope of the schedule, I think you can see the patterns better. I won’t be able to look closer at this until next week, but if you see any more missing (or duplicated) catechism questions or confession paragraphs, that can definitely be fixed.

  6. Andy Says:

    Hi, love the daily postings. Thought you should know there is a typo in WCF 11.5: “sate” should be “state”.

  7. Drew Barnes Says:

    Hello. Thank you for this service. I continue to benefit from it.

    The links to the scriptures have not been working properly for the last 2 posts.

    In the screen where the passages should be is the message “An error occurred. Please try again.”

  8. Drew Barnes Says:

    Apparently the problem was with my login for the ESV. I signed out and logged back in and all is well.

    • RubeRad Says:

      I’m glad everything worked out. I’m surprised, though, that the scripture links are login-dependent. I would have hoped that people without the esv study bible online would at least just see the esv without the study notes!

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