This blog presents Westminster Standards, in daily readings over a year, according to the schedule organized by Dr. Joseph Pipa. Pipa’s guidelines:

  1. Use this calendar along with your daily Bible reading or with your family in family worship.
  2. Read section for the day and read proof texts. You might alternate reading the original proof texts one year, the next year, the OPC, the third, PCA. Use copies that have proof texts written out.
  3. Memorize S.C. on days assigned. Review S.C. on the Lord’s Day.
  4. Select Scripture texts to memorize along with catechism and review on the Lord’s Day as well.
  5. Some catechism questions are out of numerical order for thematic purposes. The format coordinates with that used in the “Harmony of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms” by Dr. Morton Smith.

The sources and scripture proofs for these readings were taken from reformed.org, with American revisions as described here and here. The scripture proofs are linked to the online ESV Study Bible.

If you find this reading schedule edifying, you might also be interested in Daily Confession, which covers the Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity in a year. And you can find some resources for SC memorization here and there.

Also, if you want parallel daily Confessional readings in German, head on over to Täglich bekennen!

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